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Anyone considering breeding please refer to > > >

Ten Canine Commandments > > >

See the Birth of 6 puppies taken by Video cam > > >

Taken from a photo of a typical 6 week old puppy


If so, then this page may be of assistance by providing you with this list of checkpoints and guidelines to help you when purchasing a puppy. If you follow these guidelines your pup will have a much better chance to live a long and healthy life.

The Search
My first advice to a prospective Boxer owner is ....Never buy on impulse!!
The old adage "Buy in haste and repent at leisure" really holds true for impulse buying of a puppy.

Many people when they first start looking to purchase a Boxer as a pet for their family want one that weekend and will either go to a pet store and ask if they have any Boxers for sale, or look in the "Dogs for Sale" pages in the local newspaper, or search the Internet for "Boxers for Sale" ads. This is definitely NOT the way to find you next "Best Friend" and the many reasons why this is a bad idea are stated below.

Pet Shops and Puppy Farmers
Pet stores deal in large numbers of different breeds and usually obtain their puppies from "Puppy Farmers". These breeders set themselves up only to make a profit. They breed from multiple bitches, usually to a stud dog they keep on their premises! Most of the breeding stock are kept in small pens, usually without the small comforts necessary to make life comfortable for the bitch or the puppies! They breed for quantity, not quality, and usually do not health check their breeding stock. It is rare that puppies from these places are properly socialized, wormed or vaccinated. They usually have no idea of true breed type or correct temperament.

Backyard Breeders
"Backyard breeders", are usually the ones that place advertisements found in the newspapers. Often these breeders are novices and just want their bitch to have a litter...

  • Because they think it is natural for her to do so.

  • Or they have a dog and a bitch and forgot to get the bitch spayed, and now they have puppies who need homes.

  • Or they think they can make some extra money by breeding.
These people usually have no idea what goes into producing a healthy Boxer of good type, with a sound temperament typical for the breed. They would never think to "Health Check" their bitch as it is too expensive....after all they need to make a profit, don't they? Plus they breed regardless of the conformation faults that both the dog and the bitch may possess.

The Cost
Although you may pay a little less from a pet store or backyard breeder than from a responsible breeder, in the end you may end up paying a good deal more in vet bills, plus you could end up with a broken heart should your dog have to be put down due to a health or temperament problem.

10 REASONS why buying your pup from a reputable breeder is the BEST way to obtain a puppy ...

  1. Most breeders of purebred dogs breed dogs because they love the breed.

  2. Their goal is to constantly improve their stock from one litter to the next.

  3. They NEVER breed just to make a profit.... as quite often they lose money on the litter. Health checking their bitch is expensive, plus the stud fees paid for the best stud dog suitable for the bitch (this may be hundreds of miles away...even in another state or country!) Then they have to ensure that the bitch is correctly fed before and after the litter, and the pups have been raised with the best food and care available.

  4. Their litters are always bred not just to insure good health and conformation in the resulting progeny, but with correct and typical temperament. The puppies have been fully socialised and are often Temperament Tested.

  5. They care about the welfare of their puppies; they choose the new owners carefully and ensure that they know the correct diet and care required for the breed.

  6. They don't advertise in local papers because they usually sell their puppies through their breed club or by word of mouth referred by happy owners of their puppies. So be prepared to go on a waiting list of a responsible breeder to get a quality puppy.

  7. Their puppies have been wormed regularly, inoculated and registered with the relevant authorities....whether the pup is for show, pet or Obedience/Agility.

  8. Their puppies are sold with a Guarantee of money back or replacement should any problem occur that is hereditary. (NB: You must follow the diet and instruction sheet given with the puppy to ensure that the puppy stays healthy.)

  9. They don't lose interest in you and the pup once they have been paid ....

  10. BECAUSE - When you purchase your pup from a caring breeder, you have someone who will always be there to help and guide you throughout the life of your Boxer as the pups welfare is just as important to them as it is to you.

(Rescue organizations, which are often run by the local breed clubs are another option to find a Boxer.)(See the Links Page on this site for responsible breeders and Rescue organizations in your area)

More websites with useful advice for puppy buyers about selecting a breeder...

Famous Puppies - How they have grown > > >

10 Canine Commandments

  1. My life is likely to last 10 to 15 years. Any separation from you will be painful to me. Remember that before you buy me.
  2. Give me time to understand what you want from me.
  3. Place your trust in me. Itís crucial to my well-being.
  4. Don't be angry with me for long, and donít lock me up as punishment. You have your work, your entertainment and your friends. I only have you.
  5. Talk to me sometimes. Even if I donít understand your words, I understand your voice when itís speaking to me.
  6. Be aware that however you treat me, Iíll never forget it.
  7. Remember before you hit me: I have teeth that could easily crush the bones of your hand, but I choose not to bite you.
  8. Before you scold me for being un-cooperative, obstinate or lazy, ask yourself if something might be bothering me. Perhaps Iím not getting the right food, or Iíve been out in the sun too long, or my heart is getting old and weak.
  9. Take care of me when I get old. You too will grow old.
  10. Go with me on that final difficult journey. Never say: ďI canít bear to watch itĒ, or ďLet it happen in my absence.Ē Everything is easier for me if you are there. REMEMBER THAT I LOVE YOU.


( Highlight the text below by holding down your right mouse button and then paste text into a Word Document or email.   Print these guidelines out and take with you when looking for a puppy. )
  1. To ensure that the breeder is not a "Puppy Farmer" or "Backyard Breeder"... Ask the breeder...

    • How long they have been in the breed? If this is their first litter, ask if they have a mentor (a breeder who has been in the breed for many years) that has assisted them in breeding this litter and choosing the best sire for their female, plus assisting them in nutritional requirements for the dam - pre and post whelping, and for the puppies?

    • If this is not their first litter, ask how many litters they breed per year?

    • Ask how many litters this dam has had? (3-4 is the maximum for any bitch, and only bred between the age of 2 years - 6 years, spaced a year apart at the very least!)...many good breeders only breed their bitches twice in their lifetime.

    • Ask if they are a member of a Boxer Club in their area? (Or their mentor is a member.)

    • Ask if they show, or specialize in Obedience or Agility with their dogs. (Or their Mentor does.)

  2. Ask to look at the pedigree of the pups. Are there Champions close up in the pedigree? Champions do not guarantee that your pup will be perfect and ideal for showing, but it does guarantee that at least the breeders are trying to improve their breeding stock by breeding to quality animals.

  3. Check that both parents of the puppies offered for sale have been heart checked and have tested heart murmur free! (If Holters are available in your country, then ask to see the parents scores, (the lower the better - 0 is ideal), and if they have had their thyroid and hips scored, even better.) Ask to view the relevant papers.   Ask about the longevity of the puppies lines. Look at the pedigree and ask if the grandparents are alive and if not, how old where they when they died, and the cause of their death. The more dogs in the pedigree that lived past 10 years, (accidents excluded) the better chance your pup has to also live a long life.

  4. The puppies should look plump and healthy, with loose pliable skin, clear eyes, and a loose coat (pull up the skin on the pups back to see if it very loose). Healthy pups at around 6-8 weeks should have a "toasty" smell and fresh breath. All puppies should be friendly and playful, they must not be timid or cower in a corner. (.... remember pups can be drowsy if just awakened) Do not buy a puppy if there are any pups that are unwell in the litter.

  5. The environment where puppies are a kept is clean and light and airy, with room for the puppies to play.

  6. The mother has a very good temperament, playful and happy, not shy or aggressive and looks in good condition (Bear in mind she may be a little thin and her coat may be sparse as she has just gone through feeding and rearing this litter, and she may also be a little protective if the puppies are still young.)

  7. Be guided by the breeder on which pup would be the most suitable for your family situation. All pups have different temperaments and the most dominant puppy in the litter would not be the most suitable for children. Or the most layback puppy not suitable for a couple who lead very active lives.

  8. Ask if the puppies have been allowed into the house to allow then to become accustomed to household noises, and if they have been in contact with children as well as adults.

  9. All puppies must have been fully vet checked and received their first vaccination, and not leave their mother for their new home before a minimum of 8 WEEKS of age. A pup that leaves earlier has not had time to fully socialize with its siblings and develop a pack instinct, and may become dog aggressive as it grows.

  1. When you come to collect your pup you should receive a Puppy Packet which should contain.......

    1. DIET SHEET - it is most important for the welfare of your pup that he has the correct diet to help him grow and stay healthy for life.

    2. Advice sheet on how to care for your pup when you get home.... correct housing, worming program, training.

    3. Puppy's Pedigree and Registration Papers

      • either Full registration if you are showing and/or breeding,
      • or Limited Registration if you are wanting a pet only (Obedience and Agility dogs only need Limited Registration papers)

    4. Certificate of Inoculation

    5. A guarantee of continued service to you and your pup.



A BOXER is a wonderful medium sized family dog.  He/she will be a great companion and friend to you and your children.  He is an active dog AND WILL NEED VERY STRICT TRAINING* for the first year of his life. This will require one training session a week for you and your family and 10 minutes a day reinforcement training. If you don't have the time for this training then do not get a Boxer!

He will enthusiastically welcome most people you invite into your home but can be very reserved if he feels distrustful of certain individuals. Therefore he will make an excellent watch dog, his looks and barking will scare off any intruder, although little do they know that he is a "pussy cat" at heart.

He can be stubborn and aggravating then turn around and delight and entertain you with his playful antics and exuberance for life. He will play gently with the young children, rough-house with the adults, then stand over you as if to say "come on you guys, I am just getting started".   You can hurt his feelings easily by the tone of your voice or by ignoring him.   Love him and your love will be returned ten fold.  Anyone who does not love a BOXER does not know a BOXER.

The BOXER is definitely NOT an "outdoor" breed.  If he would not be allowed to live in the house as part of your family you would be better to choose another more independent breed.  A BOXER does not have the coat needed for the cold winter and because of their shorter muzzle, they do not tolerate the heat of summer.   They must be protected from the elements, always. Besides, they would be broken hearted if they couldn't be with their people - sharing the sofa or easy chair and your nibbles, as you all watch TV in the evening.

*Excellent article on training a puppy - "THE ALPHA FACTOR"

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